By Kirsten Karchmer

You, And Your Fertility, Deserve a Better Way

Conceivable isn’t just a new way of looking at fertility, it’s a better way. At Conceivable, we know it’s our way of thinking that really makes us different. It’s a way of thinking that empowers women, and gives them agency in their journey to pregnancy. It’s a way of thinking that opens up new strategies, not just for fertility care, but for all healthcare. It’s a way of thinking that can inspire, heal, and help women realize a better chance to build the family of their dreams.

While no other program delivers the comprehensive strategies, tools, supplements, goal setting, education, and activities that Conceivable provides for women who struggle to get pregnant, it is what we believe about what is possible for you that really sets us apart.

Our Four Big Beliefs 

We believe a healthy cycle is a fertile cycle.

Research shows over and over that a regular, healthy cycle — what we call the Conceivable Cycle — gives you the best chances for conception. But that’s not where your menstrual cycle’s importance ends. Your cycle is a great indicator of your overall health, and understanding how your cycle is affected by things like diet, sleep, stress, and lifestyle can give you important insight as to why you’re struggling to get pregnant. Most importantly, those insights can help you improve your cycle health, and your ability to conceive. Fix your cycle, fix your fertility.

We believe that being fertile is about more than getting pregnant.

Fertility doesn’t stop in the uterus. Being fertile allows you to be generative and take your passion into the world. Fertility is about creating, changing, and inspiring new beginnings. Whether you’re nurturing a new idea, or a whole new person, enhancing fertility is about becoming stronger for yourself, for your family and your community. While our dream is that every single woman that uses Conceivable has a happy healthy baby, our mission is to use to technology to help women make lasting lifestyle changes that persist long after pregnancy.   

We believe information is power.

Everyday, you make decisions that affect your future. Even the smallest decisions, the smallest actions, when multiplied over time can have a huge effect, either positive or negative. We believe in providing information that helps you to make the right decisions for yourself and your family when it comes to your health. We believe that women have the right — and should demand — to be educated and involved in their own healthcare decisions and outcomes.

We believe the future of healthcare isn’t illness based.

Medicine should be about more than responding to disease. Healthcare has an obligation to live up to its name, to focus on Health. At Conceivable, we have an obligation to leave people healthier than when they started our program, regardless of their fertility outcomes. We believe that real health can be only achieved through a fully integrated approach to whole living that focuses on the complete individual.

Taking charge of your fertility starts with what you believe about it — and from those beliefs come action. At Conceivable, everything we do revolves around the four big ideas above.

So what are your big beliefs about your fertility, and what are you doing to take action around them? We invite you to take a different, more hopeful path that has helped women just like you achieve healthy pregnancies and more fulfilling, fertile lives.

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