By Kirsten Karchmer

Success Story: Erin H., Unexplained Infertility


At Conceivable, we're lucky to be involved in the lives of so many wonderful women. Nothing makes our day like another Conceivable success story. Today, I wanted to share a story from Erin H., in her own words, about what Conceivable has meant to her and her family. 

Erin's story is all about strength and hope — two things that I wish on all the women out there who struggle with infertility. 

Hopefully, Erin's story will inspire you, and leave you with a little more strength, hope, and patience. 

Erin's Conceivable Success Story

"Here's a little personal story on HOPE and PATIENCE. A year ago this past January, I was diagnosed with an infertility condition. I so badly wanted to grow my little family! My OB told me to eat a high protein diet and workout at least 4 times a week. So, I went to work! 6 months later and still nothing! I was then told by my OB's fertility specialist that "my brain does not know how to tell my body to get pregnant, and that I WILL NOT get pregnant unless I take a pill or do IVF". How final and sure she sounded. How disheartened I felt, and such a failure as a woman! Still I told them no, that if I did not get pregnant naturally, then it was not God's plan for me to have another... that perhaps I should reevaluate and focus on the 2 little blessings I DO have.

Then God planted a little friend in my neighborhood, Loriana Hernandez Aldama. She told me about her friend back in TX who had this holistic program and has helped over 7,000 women diagnosed with infertility issues to get pregnant NATURALLY. I started working with her immediately, and she explained to me in depth how much I had been doing the opposite of what I needed to be doing! How I didn't need a high protein diet... that I instead needed 8 servings of veggies a day. She also mentioned how the intense working out I was doing was the worst thing I could be doing! Within a month of working with her, my body had completely changed, and, as a result, I knew my body was healing!

2 months later, I was ovulating consistently. Despite losing 2 after that, I tried one more time and prayed New Year's Eve that I be content with God's plan for me that next morning, whether a positive or negative test. Ryan and I were in complete shock when the test was positive, and so thankful that I carried past the first trimester!!! Just a little cherry on top? - I'm due Sept. 2...3 days after A&E enter Kindergarten. What perfect timing is that?!? I'll have plenty of one-on-one time with my newborn!

To my fellow women out not lose HOPE on getting pregnant naturally! Do not feel pressured to try medicine and IVF! Give your body a chance to get healthy, and be PATIENT that it will get pregnant when it's supposed to!

Words cannot express how I feel about these two ladies! Kirsten Karchmer came in town yesterday, and we all celebrated together last night! Thank you to Kirsten and her program Conceivable for committing to helping women!!! Wahoo!!! Today, I'm 18 weeks!"  

Erin H. 

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