By Kirsten Karchmer

What Does a Miscarriage Feel Like?

Having a miscarriage is so scary. So many people ask me, what is going to happen, what can I expect. While everyone will have their own unique journey here are some high level things you can expect.

Physical Feelings

1. Cramping and Pain
A miscarriage often begins with cramping and pain in the lower abdomen or back. The intensity of this pain can vary, ranging from mild discomfort to severe, intense cramping that is sometimes compared to labor pains.

2. Bleeding
Vaginal bleeding is a common sign of miscarriage, which may begin as light spotting and then progress to heavier bleeding. The amount and duration of bleeding can vary greatly.

3. Fatigue and Weakness
The physical toll of a miscarriage, along with the loss of blood, may cause fatigue and weakness.

Emotional Feelings

1. Grief and Loss
The loss of a pregnancy can be a devastating experience. Feelings of grief, sadness, and emptiness are common, and these emotions can be overwhelming.  Especially when you have trying to get pregnant or have already had multiple miscarriages, this feeling of disappointment and loss can be profound.

2. Guilt and Blame
Some may experience feelings of guilt or self-blame, even though a miscarriage is usually beyond anyone's control. These feelings can be compounded by societal pressures or misunderstandings about the causes of miscarriage. Sometimes even partners can leave you feeling responsible but please know there is very little that you could have done to cause this to happen.

3. Anxiety and Fear
Anxiety about future pregnancies and fear of another miscarriage can be a significant concern. The uncertainty about what the future holds can create lingering stress. This fear can actually be really profound. Be sure to join our live on Tiktok (@yourfertilityexpert) to get lots of love and support and additional ideas for how to support yourself.

Psychological Feelings

1. Isolation and Loneliness
The experience of a miscarriage can sometimes feel isolating. Friends and family may not fully understand the depth of the loss, leading to feelings of loneliness. It can be so easy to feel like you did something wrong or you are the only one going through this pain.

2. Mixed Emotions
A complex mix of relief, anger, and confusion may accompany a miscarriage, especially if there were known complications with the pregnancy. These conflicting emotions can make the healing process more challenging.

A miscarriage is a multifaceted experience that encompasses a wide range of physical and emotional feelings. Support from loved ones, healthcare providers, and sometimes professional counseling can be crucial in navigating this difficult time. It's essential to allow time for healing and to recognize that the feelings associated with miscarriage are complex and unique to each individual.

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If you or someone you know is going through this experience, make sure you are staying in communication with your doctor to make sure you are staying safe.

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