By Kirsten Karchmer

Video — How Technology Can Help You Get Pregnant

Last week, Conceivable had the honor of being showcased as one of several startups that are changing the landscape of med-tech at MedCity's Converge conference. In a showcase interview, CEO Kirsten Karchmer talks about the importance of the menstrual cycle as a barometer for health and how Conceivable can help you hack your way to better fertility.

In this video, Kirsten shares some of the big ideas behind Conceivable and how it can help you dramatically improve your chances of getting and staying pregnant. 

Fertility isn't binary — it's a spectrum from less fertile to more fertile — and you can make progress every month.

To learn more about how your cycle can affect your chances of conceiving, and to learn how our program can help you realize your best chance of getting pregnant, find out more about the Conceivable Program.

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