By Kirsten Karchmer

Our Fertility Journey: Trusting Your Inner Compass

Super excited to share some news today you guys — I'm proud to announce that I'll be an ongoing contributor to a magazine that I really love: The Infertility Voice.

The Infertility Voice was created by Keiko Zoll, and grew out of her own infertility journey. Today, it's an amazing resource for infertility patients seeking support, compassion, and hope along their family-building journeys. At its heart, The Infertility Voice isn’t just one voice: it’s about all of our voices, experiences, stories, and journeys.

This month’s theme is about our journeys. My journey into the world of health and infertility started long before I even thought about having a baby, though I didn’t know it then. 

There’s an old proverb: “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” But what if physically taking even that single step is even more difficult than you ever thought it could be? While every woman’s journey is different, I wanted to share my story, and I hope that in some small way, it might help you see your journey in a new light. You can read the full post over at The Infertility Voice.

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