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Conceivable creates a proprietary Fertility Score by assessing biometric data, cycle metrics, basal body temperatures, and lifestyle habits to predict the likelihood of natural conception. Your score takes into account


Over 10,000 women have used the Conceivable program. By analyzing their data, along with the best peer-reviewed research, we've discovered over 50 fertility factors that affect a woman's ability to conceive. Conceivable helps identify common fertility hurdles and can create a personalized plan to steadily remove roadblocks to pregnancy.


Conceivable goes beyond using BBT as an ovulation predictor; we've identified a specific BBT curve that is ideal for conception. Conceivable can help you understand the relationship between your BBT and your propensity to conceive, and help you adjust your temperatures into their ideal range.


Specific menstrual cycle metrics provide strong signals related to natural fertility. By measuring these factors, you can gain insight about how your cycle relates to your reproductive health.


Lifestyle factors like hydration, sleep and diet have been shown to significantly impact fertility. Conceivable evaluates your lifestyle habits and produces a score to help you make the right choices every day to maximize fertility.

150%+ Increase in Likelihood of Conception

Within every age group, the chance of conception for participants in the Conceivable program was higher than the average chance of conception for women who had not conceived for the past six months

4 Steps to Better Fertility


Conceivable Program


Start the Conceivable Program so you can have a fully customized program designed exactly for your specific issues each month.


1 to 1 Consultation

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The Conceivable Report

The Conceivable Report is a patented system that can identify the subclinical factors that impact your ability to get and stay pregnant-- and create a highly personalized make a plan to fix them.


In the comfort of your home, you will complete a detailed digital assessment evaluating every aspect of your cycle, temperatures, tongue, symptoms, habits, and even mindset as it impacts your fertility

Conceivable Score

Once we identify the underlying fertility and habit-related factors Conceivable generates your Conceivable Score which can give you an indication of the likelihood of natural conception. Women in our trial had exponentially higher likelihood fo natural conception when their scores were over 60.

Your Personalized Program

While all the women we work with are either struggling to get or stay pregnant, each will have a unique combination of signs, symptoms, patterns, habits, and other factors that are impacting her fertility or miscarriage issues. Your program will be specifically designed for your exact challenges right now. They can include customized diet, lifestyle, supplementation recommendations, exercise planning, and specific mindfulness training and tools to support you along your journey from infertile to fertile.

What experts are saying about Conceivable

Kirsten Karchmer is a genius!

The Conceivable Program is a highly intelligent process that combines cycle monitoring, Traditional Chinese Medicine, lifestyle and dietary plans, and mindfulness exercises to help women move closer to the most fertile expression they are capable of.

I have watched many gimmicks come and go over the years, and this is the first program I feel confident recommending.


The Conceivable Report is one of the best places you can start to begin to understand the underlying factors that may be impacting your fertility.

Small efforts on the right problems and make a big difference in your health and fertility.

MD, Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist. Founder at Positiv Fertility Center.

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